Welcome to Columbus FiberNet.

Columbus FiberNet (CFN) is a metropolitan duct system for broadband service providers in greater Central Ohio. CFN’s multi-conduit infrastructure provides last mile network access to large commercial enterprises, municipalities, and higher education learning institutions.

The CFN duct system consists of 12 innerducts, 1.5″ in diameter, capable of placing a 96, 144, 288 or 432 strand fiber cable. The 70-mile network ring passes over 20 collocation sites and 50 data centers for connectivity to cloud computing and disaster recovery sites.

CFN provides minimal disruption to the roadway infrastructure, increased network security, quicker access to Customers, greater network scalability, and better network redundancy.

FiberNet Map

Economic Development

More High Tech Jobs in Columbus
Fiber Network

Columbus FiberNet is an economic development tool to bring more high tech jobs to Columbus. With a growing high tech workforce, more and more technology companies are relocating to Columbus to expand their global IT operations.